Friday, March 25, 2011

recycled mailers

I love Nikki McClure's work, so I've had a hard time getting rid of this beautiful calendar . . . from 2008. This week, cleaning out the back room, I found it again and decided to use it to make recycled mailers. Here's how:

This photo shows the fold lines. Basically, fold one side towards the center. Barely overlap by folding the other side.

Fold up a thin strip on the bottom, and a wider strip on the top.

Trim excess from flaps. Use double-sided tape to seal.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The kiwi vines are starting to sprout, and the grass is gaining height DAILY. We had a crazy storm the other afternoon, too. All the signs are pointing to spring!

Stop by one of my Etsy shops; use the coupon code COMEONSPRING for 25% off your purchase . . . which will help wonderfully with my attempts at spring cleaning. I'll be adding new items to each of the shops every day for the next week, so keep checking in! There are some really lovely things I've been meaning to list for awhile.

Night Garden Design (handmade modern + vintage)

Night Garden Supplies (fabric remnants + orignal prints + new-to-you craft surplus)

Night Garden Vintage (unique found objects)

design work

I threw together this interactive PDF portfolio of some of my graphic design work about a month ago. It includes cover and flier designs from my work at Wipf and Stock Publishers, where I still work part time from home. Enjoy!