Sunday, April 24, 2011

a tree grows in the nursery

I've been planning this project since before my sweet little bird was born, and finally decided to go ahead and finish it!

While I was pregnant, a friend who stayed in the room for a few months chose the sunny yellow wall color; I decided on a blue tree.

I first drew the tree on the wall in pencil, then filled it in with zero-VOC primer. I found some soy-based acrylic paints at the craft store, which have a matte finish and a lower environmental impact. Once cured, the paint seems to adhere really well to the wall.

The tree continues from the wall onto the ceiling.

The two little blue jays are guarding a little nest with a pretty speckled egg.

An assemblage on the facing wall.

Curtains, a chair slipcover, and a Boppy cover made from some fun origami-print fabric from Ikea, and a stripe from a woven tablecloth.