Friday, June 11, 2010

Wonderland, part 3

Some stuff the VFD (Volunteer Fabrication Department) has been working on for this summer's production of "Wonderland"; I'm a little less hands-on this season, but I'm having fun designing projects and farming them out to the crew!

Lisa S.-B. rocked this invitation from the Queen of Hearts to the Duchess . . .

(Foam core base covered with white butcher paper and double-sided rug tape)

and went above and beyond, putting a seal on the back . . .

And check out this fez. I handed Lisa a buckram fez base I made and a pile of materials, and she made Caterpillar's fez really beautiful.

(Buckram base with stitched recycled-poly felt, upcycled leopard-print trim, and a tassel from EconoSales fabric store)

I'm so impressed with her stuff so far.

And here's a giant key I made.

It's a wire frame covered in tissue papier mache and sprayed with hammered metal and antique bronze spray paints. I get the impression it might be a bit larger than Vicki was thinking we'd need, so I might end up finding/making a smaller one if there's time . . .

More coming soon. I hear Phoebe's got a couple of hats done, and Sarah's books may be done by the beginning of next week! So exciting to see stuff coming together!

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Linda Sue said...

LOVE the key! Awesome stuff in BIGNESS! LOVE!