Friday, January 27, 2012

new in my etsy vintage shop

I found a couple of really nifty treasures over the past couple of weeks. Namely, some really lovely mid-century dishware sort of fell into my lap while I was out thrifting for a pair of Converse for my husband. I had my Commando (phone) along to help with a bit of on-the-spot research, and so I came home with the lovelies below . . .

Broadhurst Ironstone by Kathie Winkle. Five pieces in this pattern, Viscount, are currently listed in my Etsy Vintage Shop, Night Garden Vintage. Kathie was a designer at Broadhurst for a few decades, and was one of the first designers to have her signature on the back of pieces she'd designed. Now sought-after by collectors, folks are gathering large collections of her machine-stamped, hand-painted pieces to mix and match.

Also found, one small saucer in pattern 1506.

I have scoured the web to find more information about pattern 1506, but haven't found any other images of this pattern. The closest I've seen is Kathie Winkle's pattern "Safari". I've linked here to someone else's Flickr page.

As you can see from Louise's Flickr photo, the pattern is identical, but the color is different. Possibly "Safari" was available in more than one color-way? Possibly the plate is an early prototype? Possibly this colorway was simply known as "1506"? I don't know.

Next up, this serving plate by Stetson China Company for Mar-crest's Nest Stone line. The pattern name, according to website, is Diamond Carousel, by designer Alfred Dube. The pattern is a ring of elongated diamonds and starbursts around the rim of the off-white dish, very retro-modern.

My assumption is that this is a serving piece; the only other plate in this pattern currently for sale on-line (as far as I've found) is listed as a dinner plate on eBay, with a 10-inch diameter. This is one and three-quarters inches larger.

Visit my Etsy shop to check out more photos and details! I have some pieces in Franciscan's Pomegranate pattern I'll be listing in the near future, so if you like that pattern, stay tuned!

(p.s. you can make these photos bigger by clicking on them . . . but you probably knew that!)

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