Thursday, May 23, 2013

ode to turquoise (via an old door)

This is how I left you at the end of my arbor post, with the new white arbor, and primed door trim . . . and the antique door of the studio looking shabby in some reject paint from the hardware store from several years ago. 

Our Adirondack chairs, on the other hand, are painted in this friendly shade of turquoise, or pool blue. It looks happy and intentional, wheras that old door looked pretty sad and unwelcoming. Worse, I'd say, than when my brother brought me the old door in the first place, with peeling white paint.

We can mark the door off of our never-ending to-do list; I took advantage of the nice weather to prime and spray it, and now it's just as happy and friendly as our chairs. It gives the whole building a different character. (The color is Rustoleum's Aqua.)

Of course, it helps that the sun was shining that day, which always makes things look brighter and happier than on a cloudy day, but I'm giving the new paint an equal share of the credit.

Okay, just that quick update for now, but I've been weeding and planting and working on the yard a bit more since painting the door. You can bet I'll be posting about those adventures very soon.

In the meantime, thanks for reading!


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

The door looks great! That space has been totally transformed since you put up the arbor and painted the door. Much improved!

My daughter made your sneaky fox pillow a while back and I meant to tell you how much she loves it. I bought the fat quarter from spoonflower and she sewed it together, stuffed it herself. I had her stuff it extra stiff because it's the pillow I use when I read to her at night and I need lots of support;)

Night Garden Design said...

Oh, Jamie Lee, thank you! I'm always happy to hear when my funny foxes find themselves new homes.

Allison May said...

I love turquoise! I love your door!