Tuesday, August 27, 2013

quick updates: stenciled adirondack chairs

Awhile back, I saw a quick stencil idea in HGTV Magazine (I think). It happened to coincide with me discovering a vintage set of number and letter stencils at Bring.

I thought about it awhile, then went ahead and bought the stencils and completed the project in about ten minutes. Maybe less, as I already had the paint out for another project.

Six chairs, six numbers.

I used a regular bristled paintbrush; the numbers I stenciled with a mostly dry brush turned out better, with less paint piling at the edges.

I used leftover recycled indoor/outdoor primer from Metro Paint, the same stuff we used on our house a year ago (still going strong!).

It didn't take the Mr. long to notice really. We had people over that weekend and about halfway through the evening he asked, "Hey, when did you paint the numbers on the chairs?" It had only been a couple of days. 

And there you have it! A really quick update to personalize your yard furniture.

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