Friday, February 5, 2010

Wonderland, part 1

Wonderland is coming this summer, and I've got the bebe to think about, but I'm still doing the production design for this one. And I have a budget of $300. That's community theater, folks!

Anyone have any spare:

*fabric (felt, fleece, fake fur, calico, muslin) in 1/4 yard or larger pieces (fake fur can be smaller)

*clothing (black shoes, suit jackets, ties, vests, shirts, long skirts, anything that can look or be altered to look turn-of-the-century)

*large pieces of masonite, cardboard, or foam core board (3x3 up to 4x8) for set pieces and props

*time to spare crafting all of this stuff between now and August?

I can even get you a tax receipt. That's how I roll.

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