Monday, December 5, 2011

honeybees for heifer international

Once again this year, I'm donating my entire commission from this December's sales of my Honeybees for Heifer International fabric collection (both the vintage and modern styles) to Heifer, a non-profit organization that gifts families around the world with livestock, beekeeping equipment, and trees. These gifts help farms become profitable and keep people out of poverty and starvation.

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These two images are two samples from the collection, the large modern and vintage worker bees. There are twenty coordinating fabrics in all, ten each in vintage and modern finishes.

To purchase fabric from this collection, you can visit my Honeybees for Heifer International collection page by clicking here. Thanks for helping me support a great organization!

(p.s. you can make these photos bigger by clicking on them . . . but you probably knew that!)

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