Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Aaaaand this is where I let a little (more) of my nerd show.

Every year, for the past twelve Christmases, my husband and I have given each other tree ornaments as gifts. Usually, the ornament has something to do with some important event or inside joke from the preceding year; occasionally, they're just pretty.

This year, I wanted to make a little ornament representing a sci fi character that has been trotted out constantly for jokes for quite awhile now: a Dalek from BBC's Doctor Who.

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If you read the Wiki I've linked to above, you'll think a Dalek is a strange choice for a Christmas ornament. "Mutant cyborgs from outer space?" you'll ask. "Capable of feeling only hatred, and bent on genocide?" you'll query. Well, okay; it's admittedly weird. But, on the other hand, the way they roll around screaming "Exterminate!!! Exterminate!!!" lends itself to lots of everyday humor.

Like when we spotted these fire hydrants in Anaheim and Shawn immediately thought, "Saturate!!! Rehydrate!!!"


. . . Anywho, here are some photos of the little Christmas Dalek with the big ray gun.

Made of: a little bit of cardstock, felt, fluff, wire, glass-head pins, dimensional fabric paint, thread, and lots and lots patience.

(p.s. you can make these photos bigger by clicking on them . . . but you probably knew that!)

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