Saturday, May 5, 2012

how does your garden grow?

Back when I published this post about our backyard patio project last summer, I mentioned the new garden bed. We built the bed by piling up the dirt excavated from the patio area, and outlining the area with cement landscaping blocks.

I hadn't taken any photos of the area because I considered it to be unfinished; luckily, the mister decided to take some photos of his own, because in retrospect, the new garden beds are pretty attractive, I think. Even unfinished. (All of these photos are from last summer.)

Of course, now they could use a good weeding, but last year's plants are coming back, which makes me incredibly happy. I bought most of them as end-of-summer clearance last September. Cannas, dahlias, foxgloves, heather, etc. . . . I don't think I paid more than six bucks for any of them. And I'm pretty sure the three heather plants cost under a dollar each. (I wish I could remember the name of the bright red stems there . . . )

The chair is part of a matching set of cedar Adirondack chairs I painted pool blue last summer. The birdhouses (also cedar) were painted to match. Black Russian tomatoes fill that pot in the foreground. This summer, it'll be garlic and beans instead.

So that's the beginning! There are about $150 worth of cement landscape blocks in this project, another $100 in plants. The little path was made using pavers from the old patio, so those were free this time around, as was what mulch you can see in the photos (branches and clippings chopped up in a wood chipper). Not a bad deal for something so transformative.

I'll post some more photos this spring and summer as things progress; a major weeding is in order, and some mulch for sure, but I'll wait and see whether any plants need to be added, moved, or replaced. So . . . what's going on in your yard this spring?

(p.s. you can make these photos bigger by clicking on them . . . but you probably knew that!)


Anonymous said...

I think the red you refer to are cannas. I love this bed. Think the broken pavement for walkway is awesome! Chair is cute! I am watching the plants I transplanted come up and am thrilled. One of my tree peonies did not bloom this year which makes me sad. This time of year I really enjoy the sweetness of the daphne and lilacs in bloom in the yard. Thank you for sharing.

Night Garden Design said...

Thank you, too! Daphne is wonderful. We're anticipating the Jasmine, too.

You're right! The wide-leafed ones with the large flowers are the cannas, but the ones with the slim, grasslike leaves and the strings of little red flowers are crocosmia; I checked the plant tags this afternoon . . . I should have given you more details, though, so you still get the badge for Plant ID. :)

Lynn said...

what a sweet garden! i'm so glad i found your blog-i'm finding all sorts of inspiration, thanks!

Jodi said...

From the look of it in the photo your red flower is a Canna Plant. They like moist places to grow and multiply very easily here in Australia. They also come in Orange & Yellow flowers that I have seen.