Monday, June 11, 2012

fancy old vintage frames

I've had these fancy old frames around for awhile, found at a flea market and a thrift store, respectively. I like them, but have never hung them up because the Mister isn't at all fond of them.

They are too fancy and old for his taste. Also too gold. But this one has awesome evidence of several layers of paint, built up over time. The mat is golden velvet. It's also a dimensional frame . . .

. . . the 45 degree angle of the molding strips make it 2.5 inches deep at the edges. The back of it is a lovely vintage green. Of course, if you hung it up, no one would ever see the back.

This one is more 1970s-style. I'm not convinced the ornamentation is wooden; it might be some sort of resin or gesso or something. It's hard to say!

It has a nice tone to the gold color, though, and if a person wanted too, she could probably mimic the old built-up-paint effect of the other frame.

The frame base is clearly wood, as you can see on the back, and its hanger is a pop tab! Such a clever use of recycled/reused materials. I saw someone use this trick on their blog awhile back; it's been around for awhile, as it turns out.

Anyway, if you like pretty gold vintage frames, you can hop over to my Etsy vintage shop (Night Garden Vintage), where these are now for sale.

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