Monday, July 9, 2012

thrift store finds: white owl cigar box

I found this old White Owl cigar box at a thrift store across town, where I only shop if I happen to be in the neighborhood on another errand. I occasionally have made other good finds over there (a traffic sign, silver platters for my wedding, etc.), but it still hasn't made my list of regular haunts. Too far. But who knows; the kiddo and I have a couple friends we've been visiting on that side of town more regularly lately, so we might start stopping by this store more often.

I liked the owl artwork on this box, the old circus/western mid-century typography, and the customs (?) seal on the front edge. Some industrious child (not mine, for once) has endeavored to make this a Magenta Owl cigar box, but it makes it even more charming, I think. Maybe that's just me.

White Owl Cigars aren't exactly high-end smokes; apparently, they're quite cheap and somewhat disdained by cigar aficionados. I don't think that matters to people making cigar box purses or storing crayons though. As far as the box goes, it's cute, vintage, and functional.

This will likely eventually end up in my Etsy vintage shop, along with some other things I've picked up along the way over the past several months. If you're interested in making it your own before I get around to listing it, send me an e-mail! Until then, it's making the night table in my guest room look even cuter.

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