Friday, July 27, 2012

thrift store finds: chairs for kiddo

Woohoo! A new chair for the kiddo! In two easy steps!

I was at BRING a little while back and saw this yellow Little Tikes chair in the free pile. It was a little stained and cobwebby, but there were no holes or chew marks or anything, so I snagged it for the kiddo, figuring it would be a great addition to his backyard play area.

After cleaning, I just put it on some old cardboard and sprayed it with some spray paint meant for plastics.

Just a couple of light coats, then flip it and get the underside, too.

Dries in just a few minutes! I finished it up before we went on a road trip, so it had a week to cure. It blends in with our other yard furniture a lot better now, and it was free.

I also found this little Virco school chair for half off a couple of weeks later, also at Bring.

I know; no one's buying this rusty little guy for what Virco is charging for them right off the assembly line ($160? Wow.). But I still think it was a heck of a steal for $1.50. I'm not sure yet what I'll do to it, but it will probably involve paint. ;)

What about you? Any new seating in your back yard? Any fabulous thrift store finds? I love following your (non-spam) links in the comments section below!

p.s. You can make these photos larger just by clicking on them, but you probably already knew that!

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AmieAnn said...

This looks great! So lovely to see such a sweet chair all clean and pretty and painted such a beautiful color! Thanks so much for joining in the under 300 followers blog hop.. I am your newest follower~
Amie @ Pinkapotamus