Sunday, October 6, 2013

craft fail: candy-striped leggings

Craft fails: I've had my share. This one is pretty bad, though.

These were meant to be candy-striped leggings for my Halloween costume (there's masking tape covering the parts I'd meant to keep white). How about a close-up?

Yikes. This is officially the last time I use this product. It came out faster and in a heavier spray than regular spray paint, and the "30 square feet" coverage listed on the label is just funny. Yes, these pants represent an entire can, sprayed at the recommended distance using the recommended method.

It's possible I can salvage this project somehow, but I haven't come up with a satisfactory plan B yet.

I've peeled up a bit of the masking tape and unfortunately (but unsurprisingly), there's been some edge seeping, so before I try another method, I'm going to need to reposition my tape lines to take care of that. 

The real problem (which I'd hoped to solve by using a spray that allows the fabric to remain soft, not stiff), is that I need something to cover this mess while still allowing the stretchy legging fabric to stretch naturally. Hmmm. I might have to call this one a bust, gang.

Here are a few other reviews on this product. Caveat emptor.

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mrs.c said...

Oh I've had same problems with those. Staying away from them now on. They are really sucky. Hope you can save your project!