Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the mammoths are back

Packaged up in time for Christmas! The mammoth sunflower seeds I wrote about back in September are back, this time in some little seed packets I printed up.

Designed in Adobe Illustrator, printed with an inkjet printer on charcoal drawing paper and stitched on two sides.

The design work isn't flawless here, but by the time I realized I should have left more space at the top of the envelope, I'd printed the entire run. Which means next year's packets, lesson learned, are going to be impeccable.

The backs are printed with the planting history including family, date, and location that the seeds were grown. We'll save seeds from the biggest flower heads next year and pass those on. Maybe eventually we'll have some real monsters on our hands. 

Sealed up with paper tape from Target and ready to go in this year's gift boxes for the family!

If you want to read about the huge sunflowers we grew this summer, you can read more here!

And just in case you landed here while looking for a story about the cloning of wooly mammoths from frozen DNA, this one's for you

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