Sunday, June 22, 2014

so small art benefit

OSLP held a benefit for its Arts and Culture program last month. Called So Small, the benefit was an art show and silent auction featuring works from artists across the US. Proceeds went to support low-income students' course fees.

Why call it So Small? Each of the artworks were, at maximum, four inches-by-four inches. Most were smaller.

Upcycled light bulb terrarium by Michele

 Also included were teeny, tiny performance art and itsy, bitsy music. All told, over two-hundred pieces - running the gamut from watercolor to felted wool to etchings - were included in the show.

The crowd pick up the pieces won at auction.

I submitted two pieces, both kind of last minute-y. I haven't submitted artwork to a show in quite a long time. I almost talked myself out of it, like I talk myself out of a lot of things that I'd like to do or participate in. That doubtful voice in my head excels at convincing me to quit before I get started. I was glad I followed through this time around.

Fox and Bird paintings; watercolor and color pencil on canvas. by yours truly, 2014

 One of my pieces, the fox, even sold.

I hope I have the opportunity to do more events like this in the future! Now that I have some momentum going, it'd be good, I think, to keep it up.

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