Sunday, June 1, 2014

chocolate truffle bath fizzies

 We've made bath fizzies before (and let me tell you, preschoolers go nuts over them if you bring them for show-and-tell), but we've never made chocolate bath fizzies before. These smell pretty awesome, and chocolate is maybe good for your skin, too. So, you, know, if you needed another excuse to make these, now you have one.

Stir one cup of baking soda with a half cup each of citric acid and cocoa powder until it's all an even color. Spritz with alcohol-based liquid (not gel) hand sanitizer. Stir and avoid adding so much moisture that the powder fizzes. Add a little food coloring if your kiddo insists. Squeeze periodically to see if your mixture will clump together. When it does, pack firmly into little snowballs and set on a towel to dry. Depending on size, you can make up to a dozen fizzies or so.

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