Friday, July 23, 2010

wonderland, part 6

One of a pair of hats made for the Children of Hearts by Peggy H. I had her make these from a vintage pattern, and asked that she improvise a heart ornament on the front.

I sent Phoebe G. home with a sackful of materials and this link to a tutorial from Threadbanger, and she returned a pair of ears for the March Hare and one for Mouse (she's currently at work on a pair for the White Rabbit, one for the Dormouse, and a set for Goat). Phoebe had to create her own pattern for the ear part of the Mouse hat, a first for her, and she accomplished it wonderfully. Phoebe and her grandmother also tackled Caterpillar's coat, which I'll save for a future post.

Brilliant work, everyone! Sewing party tomorrow, and I'm hoping we get through tons more stuff from our list . . . Show opens on the 12th of August! Whee!

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