Wednesday, February 22, 2012

rainbow cupcakes

Prior to The Real Deal (my kiddo's crazy birthday cake), I played around with this cupcake design to build my confidence a bit.

The result:

And not that you need the play-by-play (this one's pretty self explanatory), but here are a few shots in-process for you.

Frost the cuppies in a pastel-y turquoise blue frosting (I think I'll dip-ice them next time, for a smoother, more uniform top).

Using a piping bag, add a fluffy cloud of white frosting to either side of the cupcake top.

Cut a strip of this Air Heads Xtremes Rainbow Sour candy into two pieces. Each piece will be the rainbow on one cake. (I found this specific candy at Target in the dollar section at the front of the store.)

The rainbow candy strips have a tendency to list to one side when warm; I think refrigeration prior to and following cupcake assembly might help them remain upright. Something else to try next time!

This is a cute, easy project for little kids to help with, too! Older kids can probably even handle piping the fluffy clouds. Enjoy!

(p.s. you can make these photos bigger by clicking on them . . . but you probably knew that!)

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