Sunday, February 19, 2012

delusions of grandeur part three : the legend of the zelda birthday cake

If you were someone with a lot of time on his/her hands and a cake to make, and if you were someone who loved repetitive, detail-oriented tasks, then, and only then, would I recommend the project I'm about to show you.

Behold, the pixelated Legend of Zelda birthday cake I made for my kiddo's second birthday.

The Link figure, shield, and flag (which featured his name on one side, and the Hylian phoenix graphic on the other, painted on with food coloring) are made of dyed gum paste.

Cake is banana cake with Nutella filling and peanut butter cream cheese icing, covered in colored fondant. The "pixelated" image on the side of the cake is made from dots of colored fondant, cut with a straw and released with the aid of a chopstick. (Thanks for the help with the dot cutting, E!)

Tektite cupcakes (the spidery guys) are butter cake with maple cream cheese icing. The eyes, teeth, and spots are made of fondant. The spider cupcake holders were picked up on Halloween clearance at Target.

Total time spent (including baking, modeling figures, cutting dots, and assembling/decorating cake): approximately 12-14 hours.

Not for the faint of heart, but worth the labor of love for my sweet pea.

Follow me on Pinterest (button at the top of the column on the right) to see a couple of much cooler Zelda cakes on my Party Planning pin board. I used those for some much-needed inspiration for the top of the cake.

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