Friday, August 24, 2012

scout (spokane, washington)

We took a road trip last month to my cousin's wedding in Montana, which took us across four states in the Northwest; there were, of course, highlights and lowlights, as there are on any trip.

One of my favorite unexpected stops was at Scout in Spokane, Washington.

I think I could have the stylists for Scout design my bedroom and fall asleep every night with good, outdoorsy dreams. The signs and logos set the mood. This logo is on the front window; the arrow in the photo above points to the front door.

Camp/industrial style, very retro, very cozy. This sign leads from the lobby of the historic Montvale Inn to the restaurant.

Unlit marquee letters (you know how I feel about those) are displayed on bare brick. Tables and chairs are all mismatched and vintage, as are the light fixtures.

The old Montvale Apartments sign and exposed pipe and vent-work decorate the high ceilings. It's an atmosphere that's cozy yet open.

Windowed wooden doors with the words, "Girls' Gymnasium" on the frame lead to the bar, complete with wooden cigar-store Indian, wooden duck, and pool tables.

A stenciled coffee sack over the front counter. I think the hanging baskets are light fixtures.

I could do without the hunting trophies, but I like the wall detail a lot.

Wool camp blanket curtains hang on rails near the door.

Cornbread in a cast iron skillet with a big lump of honey butter. (Yum!)

Belgian waffle with a big lump of butter. (Yum!)

Eggs, sausage, hash browns and toast. (I hear this was "Yum!", too.)

The nearby neighborhood (including the historic Fox theater).

I planned out many details of our trip, but this place was a complete accident. I'll save that for my post on the Montvale Inn, though, so come on back, y'hear?

Thanks for reading.

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What a cool place. Love those metal letters, the hanging fixtures, all the cool quirkiness! Glad you showcased this! Thanks for stopping over at Quirky Vistas and leaving me a sweet comment. I'm your new follower. Hope you'll come back and follow as well, if you like.