Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ultimate robot party etsy treasury

I'd been planning a tiki pirate party for the kiddo's next birthday; I like to start planning early so I can collect seasonal things that might not be available later (like the spider cupcake holders I picked up on clearance after Halloween last year, and later used for the Tektite cupcakes for our Zelda party, or the silicone tiki ice trays I picked up at the end-of-summer clearance, both at Target).

Well, I'll save all the pirate and tiki party goods for another year, because toddler interests are fluid things. He's really into robots right now, and it was getting to a point where I just couldn't ignore the little voice in my head telling me that the pirate / tiki thing (which seemed so perfect a few months ago) was not where his heart was anymore.

So okay. I start over at the beginning. And it's okay, really, because I hadn't gotten down to the hand-making yet, so the only energy spent has been spent shopping.

I started a shopping cart on Etsy last night that quickly spiraled out of budgetary control, so I thought I'd make a treasury list out of the items instead. I also added in a couple of things to the list specifically because it's a party treasury (like invitations and cake toppers) that I wouldn't personally buy because I'll be making those things myself, but I thought fellow robot party planners might find them perfect for their own parties.

Anyway, here it is. Click here to visit my treasury page!

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Amy - while wearing heels said...

The things you discovered on Etsy make me want to have a robot themed party. I can't wait to see where your creativity takes you.