Monday, January 14, 2013

deer hart: a recycled "vegan" deer trophy

Update: voting for "So You Think You're Crafty" completed on Friday, and my Deer Hart faux  deer head taxidermy made it through to the next round!

Voting is live once again for this week's theme, "For the Boys". Again, voting is anonymous, but I have faith in your good taste to lead you to my project, readers. ;) 

Here is my entry from last week, which would have gotten me through to this round even if someone hadn't dropped out early.

Week one! I'm so excited for the weeks ahead. I've had a ton of projects on the back burner, so I'm glad to be able to pull out the supplies I've been collecting and get to crafting!

This project (a faux deer head trophy made mostly from recycled scraps) competed for my attention with another project I've been longing to get around to, but I ended up picking it because it's a low cost project that's on-trend and can be made with materials that are really easy to find. Even non-hunters can play along!

Using materials from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Bring, recycled cardboard, a thrift store map and some tape, the cost of this project's materials comes in at under $10. The blog tutorial I'll post after voting ends will include a template for the basic structure and detailed instructions, so you can make one yourself!

The name for this project (and the inscription on the little metal plaque) comes from my love of puns and old Grimm brothers fairy tales, which often mention a "hart" running through the woods (and led to a bit of dictionary research when I was eight).  One of the lovey nicknames I call my kiddo is "dear heart", so the  pun fits well for something that might hang in his room later. It's etched on the backing of an old drawer pull using a simple awl. I also used a vintage German map for the decoupage, since the Grimms were from Germany.

To finish it off, I distressed the edges lightly and added a little yellow chalk line detail. A big project, but I'm so excited by the results. I hope you like it, too!

I'll be back to post a full tutorial later this week, including a template for the cardboard pieces you'll need for the basic structure. Until then, start gathering your supplies and tools!

*one old board or cupboard door, preferably with a beveled edge (mine cost $2 from the ReStore)
*some pieces of scrap wood (free)
*heavy cardboard (I like the double-walled kind you can find fruit or wine shipped in; free from Costco)
*a small metal plaque (mine cost 25 cents from Bring, and was originally the plate behind a drawer pull)
*two 1/2 inch screws (free, with the cupboard door)
*thrift store map (another 25 cents from St. VIncent dePaul)
*masking tape (I used Greener Masking tape {30% recycled} from 3M)
*duct tape
*glue gun + glue gun sticks
*four 1-inch screws
*four washers
*Mod Podge or suitable decoupage medium
*leftover paint or paint sample

Optional materials:
*wood filler

(p.s. you can make these photos larger just by clicking on them, but you're probably so clever that you already knew that.)

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