Friday, January 25, 2013

knock-off mercury glass lamp and coffee sack burlap shade

updated February 26, 2013: I'm so excited to be linking up again to Young House Love's Pinterest Challenge! The two inspiration projects below were pinned to my {private} Competition pin board back in December in anticipation of the So You Think You're Crafty? competition. In January, this project did well enough in the competition to qualify for the next level. At the bottom of this post is a link to my full tutorial.

I love mercury glass. Love it. It's shiny and vintage-looking and meant to look imperfect, all of which make it work well in my house. I especially love the way mercury glass lamps look, and the contrast of a rustic burlap shade really sets off the shiny mirrored glass. What I don't love is the price-tag.

For quite awhile, I've had the desire to try and make a mercury glass lamp with thrift store cast-offs, on a super small budget. Thanks to the So You Think You're Crafty competition, I had the motivation I needed to pull it off!

First: the originals and the low-cost knock off:

Originals from Restoration Hardware ($174 w/o shade) and Pottery Barn ($269 w/ shade). My copy: $18, w/shade.

I built it using an extra-tall glass thrift-store vase, a repurposed pan lid, the light kit from an old lamp, and some Looking Glass paint. The drum shade is one I stripped down and re-covered in coffee sack burlap. The Edison-style bulbs were a ReStore score for 50 cents apiece.

Mine has a more rustic shade than the Restoration Hardware version, and straighter lines than Pottery Barn's, and it suits me pretty perfectly.  I hope it suits you, too! At a savings of over 90%, you can't really afford not to make one!

For the full tutorial, you can click here, and I'll take you through it step-by-step!

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Marium said...

I'm speechless, this is amazing. I love the shape of the base, and the rustic touch of the shade!

Terri said...

HI Amelia - LOVE your lamp. You got my vote last week! I'm so glad you're still in. I have a crafty pal and we want to make a copy of your lamp! Would love a little tutorial if you could.... Keep up the great work! Terri

Terri said...

Hi Amelia - LOVE LOVE LOVE your mercury glass lamp. You were my vote last week on SYTYC! I'm so glad you're still in the mix. I have a crafty pal, and we both REALLY want to imitate your art! Any chance you might be able to post a bit of a tutorial???? (Imagine me typing away in the dark...because I don't have a wonderful Mercury Glass Lamp to light my'd be really doing a good deed!)
Hugs to you, Terri

Night Garden Design said...

Terri, yes; I have big plans to post a full tutorial soon! Just trying to keep up with more major projects for this competition than I usually do in a month. Whew!

Night Garden Design said...

The tutorial is up finally! You can find it here:

Caitlin @ Desert Domicile said...

Stunning! Your lamp looks better than your inspiration and the rustic shade makes the entire thing!

Vanessa said...

SO SO good. Just amazing.