Monday, September 9, 2013

siding: the sequel

We spent part of the weekend finishing up the siding and cedar shakes on the sides of the studio building. It's been in progress for a long time coming, and I'm happy to say the end is in sight (knock on cedar).

The siding is cement fiber board lap siding, the same stuff we used on our house. It also matches the cedar plank siding on the tool shed. Both of those buildings are painted yellow with MetroPaint Sweet Corn (which, by the way, is nowhere near as bright as the screen displays it on their color chart, thank goodness). The studio's siding hasn't been painted yet; it came primed this yellow-ish color.

The cedar shakes at the top have a fun history on our property; they came with our cedar shed kit as roofing material, which wasn't going to work for us, longevity-wise. We used some to shake the roof peak on the west side of the studio. We used some more to side a playhouse, which was later disassembled for being a spider haven. Those were repurposed here when we finally got around to adding shakes to the east side roof peak yesterday afternoon.  Thank goodness for nice weather and a weekend coinciding in the PNW in September.

And here's the west side, behind a garden-gone-wild at summer's end. This side, too, only recently got the lap board siding (over this past summer, and finishing up Saturday night), but it's had the cedar detail for awhile.

Here it is when it was fresh!

How long ago, you might ask? Answer.

Oh man, we're so close. Just a couple of boards on the front and some caulk and paint, and all three structures will match. It's going to be freaking AMAZING.

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