Sunday, September 22, 2013

why do i fix everything i touch?!?

Guess what the big plan is for this year's family Halloween costumes?

The little guy is going as Fix-It Felix. I'm going to let you reach your own conclusions about the costumes the other two of us will be wearing. (Hint: I'm milking this "family costume" thing again, under the assumption the kiddo isn't going to let us do it for too much longer.)

This hat's a pretty easy project to work up with felt and a ball cap, although I had several false starts involving grand delusions of embroidering with the zig-zag function of my sewing machine. Urgh.

The hat was a "misprint" that I picked up -- new with tags -- from Goodwill for $1. I picked out enough of the stitches from the hat's original embroidered pattern that the felt patch would cover what was left. You can see where the lettering used to be, and part of the bulldog's tail.

I used stiffened EcoFelt sheets called Friendly Felt for the patch. You can find it (or something similar) in probably any craft or fabric store; mine came from the aisle of JoAnn Fabrics that houses the other felt craft sheets. I think it cost a buck?

 The yellow piece is 3 inches square with the corners cut off. I cut a blue square a little smaller.

Then I cut out the letters from the navy blue square . . .

. . . and stitched them in place on the sewing machine.

To attach it to the hat, I hand-stitched.

More to come! What have you got going at your house for Halloween this year?

Update: you can check out the shirt and patch + golden hammer + tool belt, pants, and boots tutorials now!

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